The Mission Statement

Produce creative and engaging content to deliver the good news to all nations


Our Story

We are witnessing a generation that is searching for meaning and purpose in all the wrong places. In a world that is filled with so much darkness, they are looking for something to believe in. Our goal is to be a light in the darkness – to show them that there is hope.


When we started our studio, our mission was simple: Produce creative and engaging content to deliver the good news to all nations. With that mission in mind, we are moving to create innovative and uplifting shows, movies, and social media content that will bring joy and hope to everyone who watches.


Our objective is to engage with this generation where they are and to communicate in their language, which is through social media and the internet. We want to create content that is relevant and that will resonate with them on a deep level. Tell stories that will inspire, challenge, and encourage people to have faith and to let them know that there is a purpose for their lives


If you share our vision and would like to partner with us, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you! You can also follow us on Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok @treestumpstudios. Whether you are young or old, we believe that our content will bring you hope and joy. 

Image by Tatsuya Itoh
Image by Matthew Smith

Why Tree Stump

Tree stumps are often seen as a sign of new growth and new creation. They can also be seen as a symbol of resilience, as they often grow back stronger than before after being struck by lightning or cut down. Our team wants to be innovative and creative, and we know that we will need to be resilient in order to overcome the challenges that we will face.

Isaiah 11

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Get Invovled!

We are looking for more brilliant minds to join our team or to be casted in our future videos. We are a new studio with an incredibly high caliber of work ethic and talent. But we need more people to help us out so we can go faster and innovate more.